Management and Representation


The share of energy in the corporate cost chain has increased significantly. MATRIX, which is formed by renowned professionals with a long history of success in the market, is qualified to do the energy management of your company, achieving savings through efficient solutions to your consumption profile.

Among Management assignments, Matrix Energy Services offers:

  1. More suitable strategy for energy contracting, according to the customer load profile and the end use of electric energy;
  2. Evaluation of the consumption profile, analysis of the operation and energy invoices, aiming at framing the energy contracting mode that best meets;
  3. Administration of all energy related issues such as: invoice verification, apportionment and revenues, monitoring and framing of consumption and administration of energy resources (Free Contracting Environment, Cogeneration, etc.);
  4. Issuance of monthly reports.


In addition to conducting all analysis of consumption profile and energy management of your company, thanks to our extensive experience in the market, MATRIX provides all necessary assistance in contractual functions and bureaucratic processes for contracting services and energy products.

As for representation, Matrix Energy Services performs:

  1. Follow up with CCEE;
  2. Adhesion and modeling process;
  3. Representation and operation of all energy information and records

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