Free Market

You are free to choose!

The Free Market allows you, the consumer, to freely choose your energy supplier, analyzing the best values, cost-benefits and contractual conditions appropriate to your consumption profile. The negotiation between the parts is free, protected and regulated by ANEEL, through the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE). Unlike the captive market, Free Market allows cost predictability, contractual flexibilities and suitability to your consumption profile, bringing advantages to your company and adding value to your business.

You can be Free!

By migrating to the Free Market, your company will have more control, intelligence and economy in the amounts invested in energy, and will be framed in one of two types of consumers.

Special Consumers

Consumer responsible for consumer units whose load is greater than or equal to 500 KW and less than 3,000 KW.

These can exclusively contract energy from renewable sources: wind, solar, biomass, small hydroelectric plants.

Consumers with the same CRN or located in contiguous area (without separation by public roads) can aggregate their loads to reach the demand level of 500 KW required to become a special consumer.

Free Consumers

Can contract energy derived from any generation source.

The contracted demand must be at least 3000 KW.

Advantages of being free!

Planning and budget security
Free choice in supplier choice
Supply according to consumer profile
Consolidated market, with high liquidity

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Our services

Matrix Energy Services has a team of professionals with a track record of success since 2005 with Coomex Energy. We operate in the management and representation of consumers and energy generators, and today we are one of the most qualified service providers to serve the market.

Portfolio Management

Among management assignments, Matrix Energy Services offers:

  1. Analysis of the most appropriate strategy for contracting energy, according to the consumer profile.
  2. Evaluation of the consumption profile, operation and energy invoices.
  3. Administration of all energy related issues such as invoice verification, apportionment and revenues, monitoring and framing of consumption and management of energy resources.
  4. Issuance of monthly reports.

CCEE Representation

As for representation, Matrix Energy Services performs:

  1. Representation towards CCEE;
  2. Adhesion and modeling process;
  3. Representation and operation of all energy information and records.

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